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Heard Island Expedition via ‘Mawson’s’ Antarctica NEW!



Bird & Wildlife Cruise: birds, whales & dolphins, island scenery, exploration history & photography.


Bluff (S. Island, NZ) – Snares – Auckland Islands – Macquarie Island – Antarctica (‘The Far Side’) – Heard Island – Perth (W.Australia)


Seabirds galore including island endemics, penguins including Emperor, King, Royal, Adelie, Snares-crested and Yellow-eyed, whales, dolphins & seals.


Temperate cool to Polar cold.


50+ passenger expedition ship, cabins with and without private facilities.


This exciting new itinerary offers seabird, cetacean and island endemic enthusiasts a fantastically rare opportunity to visit Heard Island, a unique Sub-Antarctic Island with large numbers of breeding penguins and seabirds plus marine mammals in the adjacent waters. The last opportunity was in 2012 and then 2002 prior! Heard Island is a ‘living laboratory’, with the island recently increasing in size due to volcanic uplift.

The expedition ship will be sailing along the ‘Australian’ sector of the Antarctic coast first, along which 14 Emperor Penguins colonies are located (!), as well as historic early expedition sites such as Douglas Mawson’s Hut in Commonwealth Bay. This unique expedition includes many days sailing on the Southern Ocean, watching and photographing seabirds and cetaceans as we sail through these fauna rich waters.

Star ‘endemic’ birds should include Black-faced Sheathbill ( a potential single island split), Heard Island Shag, Snare’s Crested Penguin, Snares Island TomTit, Fernbirds, Auckland Island Shag, Flightless Teal, Banded Dotterel & Tomtit, Subantarctic Snipe and Royal Penguin, plus there is always the chance, chance, of an Amsterdam Island Albatross… The supporting cast is somewhat mouth-watering too, and the numbers of birds, truly immense. Other expected species include Emperor, King, Gentoo, Southern Rockhopper, Yellow-eyed and Macaroni Penguins, Wandering, Southern Royal, Black-browed, Shy, Buller’s, Grey-headed, Indian Ocean Yellow-nosed, Sooty and Light-mantled Sooty Albatross, Southern & Northern Giant Petrels, Antarctic, Snow, Cape, Great-winged, Barau’s, White-headed, Kerguelen, Soft-plumaged, Blue, White-chinned and Grey Petrels, Antarctic, Slender-billed, Fairy, Salvin’s & Fulmar Prions, Flesh-footed, Wedge-tailed, Short-tailed, ‘Audubon’s’ & Little (Sub-Antarctic) Shearwaters, Wilson’s, Grey-backed, Black-bellied Storm-Petrels, South Georgian Diving-petrels, Australian Gannets and Brown (Sub-Antarctic) Skuas. Sperm Whales and Humpbacks should be seen in the seas whilst other potential cetacean species include Southern Bottlenose, Blue, Fin, Sei and Antarctic Minke Whales plus Hourglass, Dusky & Common Dolphins. Multiple landings are planned on Heard Island but will be subject to weather and local conditions on the day. This epic voyage will start in NZ and finish in Albany, close to Perth, Western Australia. Other expected marine mammals include New Zealand Sea Lion, Southern Elephant, Leopard, Crabeater & Weddell Seals.

Our vessel will be the comfortable expedition ship, the Spirit of Enderby, operated by Heritage Expeditions carrying a maximum of just 50 passengers. All cabins have portholes or windows and plenty of storage space. The ship has a bar/library lounge and a dedicated lecture room with informal but excellent dining in two dining rooms. We will use her Zodiacs for landings and cruises.

Photo opportunities ashore in Antarctica, Heard and the other planned island landings should be superb and this voyage offers excellent opportunities for albatross and other seabird flight shots at sea. 

A more detailed version will be available shortly.

Expedition duration 47 days.

Embark Bluff and sail (S.Island NZ) – The Snares (Zodiac cruising only) – Auckland Islands – Macquarie Island – coast of Antarctica – Heard Island – Disembark Albany (W.Australia)

NB Exact itinerary subject to weather and local conditions, and permissions from the Australian government (permits applied for).

* Please note the planned landings at Heard Island will require all ship’s staff and passengers who go ashore to be wearing completely sterile clothing and boots, the vessel will provide these for all and the cost of this is included in the landing fees for the voyage.

Please note: All itineraries are subject to weather, local conditions and final approval by the relevant authorities.

Dates: 6th February – 24th March 2020
Leader/s: Ship’s expedition team.
£23,075    Sharing a twin basic (lower berths) 
£24,615    Sharing a twin with facilities (upper & lower berth) 
£26,925    Sharing a superior twin with facs. (lower berths) 
£27,695    Sharing a mini suite with facilities (3/4 bed & single beds) 
£29,229    Sharing a suite with facilities (double & single beds) 

Landing Fees £690p

Payment can also be made in US$, please contact us for rates.

Deposit 10%, with a further 15% due by 6/2/19.

Single occupancy 1.8 times twin share price (x2 for suites)

Prices include: Voyage with accommodation as booked, including all meals aboard vessel, tea and coffee, guided shore excursions as described, lectures and services of ship’s expedition team including birders, sterile clothing and boots for Heard Island, day by day bird and mammal checklist, group transfers to and from ship and evening log-call (at sea). Free Australian ETA for WildWings passengers.

Excludes: Flights, pre and/or post-voyage hotels if required, travel insurance, other drinks, crew tips (suggested amount US$10 per day) and other items of a personal nature.


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